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How AI Can Enhance Workplace Safety

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

The world has reached a tipping point when it comes to new technological advancements. Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is undeniably a huge part of our lives and revolutionizes many industries, specifically the manufacturing sector. However, is AI ready to take on workplace safety?

Meanwhile, many workers are dissatisfied with existing safety measures. According to Gallup Poll, 65% of workers are “completely satisfied with their physical safety at work,” the lowest point since 2001. Furthermore, A survey by the Hartford Financial Services Group found that 58% of blue-collar households have “a family member who has been injured on the job, requiring medical attention.

In response, worker safety and well-being replaced pre-existing priorities, as the dominant concerns for business leaders. Companies are shifting to new technologies to enhance workplace safety. Especially artificial intelligence (AI) can considerably improve workplace safety without burdening security teams with additional responsibilities.

Simply put, when it comes to providing a safe and secure, supportive workplace for everyone, AI is an increasingly capable tool that enhances workplace safety at a critical time.

Artificial Intelligence is bringing drastic improvements into all business processes which is transforming production, manufacturing, security, and workplace safety. The right AI solution can help improve job safety, reduce the number of accidents, and prevent injuries. In this article, we will learn more about how AI can enhance workplace safety.

workplace safety

Enhanced Security Functionalities

Technology solutions already play a majör role in securing our workplaces, and Artificial intelligence can enhance technology’s capacity with enhanced security functionalities.

For example, video analytics has driven the adoption of AI technology, allowing companies to deploy powerful security and safety solutions with advanced analytical capacities. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that, “technological advancements in cameras, sensors, and robotics capabilities have led to the development of improved security equipment and subsequently their increased use in protecting homes, businesses, and public spaces.”

Now, companies can implement AI technology to create even better security outcomes. Notably, AI sustains workplace safety by detecting anomalies in the data and software provides unique threat detection capacity. In addition, AI helps identify hazardous areas while analyzing images, videos and other data to distinguish threats from standard activity. In other words, AI provides companies to detect anomalies that may compromise or threaten facility security.

Automating Tasks

Integrated systems benefit from advancements in AI-driven solutions that accelerate the development of cloud integration platforms. As companies respond to new health and safety risks, AI-powered automation makes workplace safety simpler and more efficient, allowing companies to reduce risks and improve workplace safety.

''In 2017, 5,147 workers lost their lives on the job and around 2.8 million got injured at the workplace according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.''

In response to this, AI could take over all robotic production and use automation to complete tasks in hazardous environments that are fatal to humans. Therefore, robots can be used in hazardous environments rather than risking human lives.

workplace safety

Khenda Sentinel: Preventing Occupational Accidents for Workplace Safety

A work environment free from injuries and accidents attracts workers and workers are more satisfied and productive in such an environment. Occupational health and safety refer to providing a safe working environment, safe equipment, policies, and procedures in order to ensure workers' health and safety.

At $170 billion a year nationwide, the direct and indirect costs of work injuries and illnesses equal those of cancer, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

Here our award-winning solution Khenda Sentinel comes in for workplace safety. Khenda Sentinel performs human detection for safety purposes in dangerous areas. It reduces the risk in hazardous areas for operators' safety by analyzing real-time camera streams. It is able to work in areas with motions like robotics or machinery, without any false alarms.

If Khenda Sentinel detects any human in the hazardous area;

· stops or slows down the related process,

· activates the voice recording for warning people to leave the area,

· triggers the alarm tower to alert other operators that may pose a threat to people in the area.

Summing Up

Ensuring that workplaces are secure is a fundamental element of effective companies, allowing teams to be safe, secure and sustainable. As many companies struggle with increasing awareness regarding workplace safety, now is the right time to transform operations with the help of Khenda.

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