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Transforming Safety Automation Tech with Power of AI


Khenda's commitment to operational excellence extends to ensuring workplace safety, utilizing AI-powered video analytics to enhance security and efficiency. The Safety product integrates seamlessly into Khenda's suite, offering real-time insights for a safer and more productive environment. This foundation underscores the advanced capabilities of the Sentinel product, emphasizing Khenda's dedication to comprehensive operational improvements.

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Incident&Danger Prevention

Khenda Sentinel performs human detection for safety purposes in dangerous areas with AI. It eliminates the risk of human faults in hazardous areas by automizing lock-out tag-out safety measures. It is able to work in areas with motions like robotics or machinery, without any false alarms.

Immediately halt or decelerate the process involved.

Initiate voice warnings to prompt evacuation.

Activate the alarm tower to inform nearby operators of potential dangers.

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Increase Your Workplace Safety with Khenda Sentinel

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