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Unleashing Efficiency in Production

In the world of manufacturing, every second counts. Meet Chokote, Khenda's answer to transforming minor stoppages into opportunities for major efficiency gains. Chokote means, Minor Stoppage Losses on lines, which can be eliminated by the operators in 0 to 10 minutes.


Did you know?
On average, 12% of efficiency losses are attributable to Chokotes.

Minimize Downtime,
Maximize Efficiency!

Monitor Your Anomalies Closely


This innovative solution revolutionizes production monitoring by delivering real-time precision in tracking your manufacturing processes. It automatically detects production halts and cycle times, allowing for the instant identification of inefficiencies.

Track Your Production in Real Time

See Quick Kaizen Potentials

Increase Your Efficiency

How it works?

Integrate cameras
and servers in
strategic manual
production metrics &
create line
balance view
Use platform
to define Quick
Kaizens and

Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Khenda

Reach out to our product specialists to tailor the project to your specific requirements and receive a tailored proposal

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