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Continuous Improvement

Khenda’s  AI-based platform and video analytics help bridge the gap between manual operations and digitization. Our advanced analytics allow engineers to record their operations and understand productivity metrics to ensure operational excellence.


With Khenda, every engineering team

can achieve operational excellence!


Let the AI do the hard work, spend your time on valuable decision-making.

Khenda is an AI-Powered Continuous Improvement Platform for the manufacturing industry to achieve operational excellence.
Our solutions automize and digitize
continuous improvement activities
to minimize waste and increase efficiency.

Automate cycle time

Automate cycle time measurements for accurate and reliable data collection

Enhance Analytics

Enhance analytics to identify root causes and prioritize improvements

Streamline MTM

Streamline MTM (Methods-Time Measurement) analysis with the help of AI

Lean Assistant

Automatically create FMEA tables, Hazard Analysis, Waste Analysis, and more

Khenda Platform

Create value with Khenda


Khenda's cloud-based platform transforms manufacturing with AI analytics. With a focus on secure, scalable cloud technology, it allows for informed decision-making and operational optimization from anywhere, setting a new standard for flexible, efficient manufacturing.

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work instructions

Create standardized operating procedures with visual aids and detailed explanations for consistent performance.


Our platform features multiple software modules designed to tackle every aspect of your manufacturing process.

Automatically determine cycle times, visualize data, and identify areas for improvement with our
AI-Driven video analytics.

methods-time measurement

Perform MethodsTime Measurement (MTM) analysis faster and more efficiently with our AI-powered digital tools.

Time Study
digital time study

Analyze each motion, detect value-adding/ non-value-adding processes, and eliminate waste.

Line- Balancing
line balancing

Optimize production processes with Khenda's AI-driven Line Balancing module, enabling seamless task allocation adjustments and proactive bottleneck identification for maximized efficiency and profitability.


Automatically create FMEA tables, Hazard Analysis, Error-proofing suggestions, Waste Analysis, Control Plan Audits, and more.

lean assistant

Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Khenda

Discover how our AI-powered platform can transform your operations for peak performance.

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