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Unlock Lean Excellence
with Khenda Lean Assistant


Automatically create FMEA tables, Hazard Analysis, Error-proofing suggestions, Waste Analysis, Control Plan Audits, and more.

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Implementing lean practices and maintaining a culture of continuous improvement can be challenging. Identifying potential risks, analyzing waste, and implementing effective error-proofing strategies require a comprehensive approach and robust tools to support lean initiatives.


Empower Your Lean Journey with
AI-Powered Support

Khenda Lean Assistant simplifies and streamlines your lean initiatives using AI-powered automation. Our NLP-based AI leverages work instructions to automatically create tables and suggestions, reducing the time engineers spend on manual document creation. Additionally, by keeping these valuable documents digitally, you ensure easy access, collaboration, and long-term document preservation.

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Automated Document Creation

Save engineering time by allowing our AI-powered system to automatically generate tables and suggestions from work instructions.

Comprehensive Lean Tools
Data-Driven Insights
Digital Document Management

Identify potential risks, hazards, and waste in your processes to proactively implement mitigation strategies.

Access a suite of lean tools, including FMEA, Hazard Analysis, Error-proofing, and Waste Analysis, automatically created using NLP-driven work instructions.

Leverage actionable insights derived from our AI-powered analytics to drive continuous improvement and achieve operational excellence.

Keep your lean documents digitally, ensuring easy access, collaboration, and long-term preservation of valuable information.

Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Khenda

Discover how our AI-powered platform can transform your operations for peak performance.

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