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Production with Khenda

Empowering Traceability and Efficiency in Manufacturing Operations


Khenda's AI-driven platform delivers essential real-time monitoring and efficiency solutions to elevate your manufacturing operations. By focusing on minimizing downtime and optimizing processes, our tools "Chokote(Minor Stoppage) & Production Monitoring" guide your journey towards operational excellence.

Discover how Khenda can revolutionize your production processes!


Eliminating Minor Stoppages


Chokote focuses on reducing "Minor Stoppages" to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), enabling quick solutions by operators for enhanced productivity without major interventions.

Real-Time Visualization

Strategic Insights

Kaizen Initiatives

Technicians Working On Machine_edited_ed

Production Monitoring

Simplifying Complexity


Khenda Monitor transforms how you manage manufacturing cycle time fluctuations, offering real-time insights for effective problem-solving.

Workflow Optimization

Insightful Analytics

Seamless Integration

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Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Khenda

Reach out to our product specialists to tailor the project to your specific requirements and receive a tailored proposal

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