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AI for Lean Process Innovation (ALPI) Certification

Welcome to the Khenda ALPI Certification Program.

Experience Khenda, Get your Certificate!

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Levels of ALPI Certification 

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Yellow ALPI

Start your journey with a one-hour theoretical training on "How to Use AI in Lean Processes?" Upon successful completion of a knowledge-based test, participants receive the Yellow certification, signifying their foundational understanding of AI applications in lean processes.

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Green ALPI

Dive deeper with practical experience in Khenda’s AI-based video analytics. This hands-on training prepares you for a skills test using the Khenda Measure module, leading to the Green certification. This level is for those who want to apply AI tools to real-world scenarios effectively.

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Black ALPI

Attain mastery by using Khenda's engineering tools to complete a comprehensive project that demonstrates your ability to enhance and innovate processes using AI. The successful completion of a practical skill test covering the entire platform earns the prestigious Black certification.

Why Join Our ALPI Certification Program? 

Streamlined Learning

Progress through the levels at your own pace, gaining practical and theoretical knowledge.

Industry-Relevant Skills

Equip yourself with the high-demand skills of AI and video analytics in manufacturing processes.


Each certification level provides a credential that showcases your expertise to employers and peers.

How does it Work

Here's a step-by-step guide on how it unfolds:

  1. Participants start with the Yellow Belt, progressing through interactive and user-friendly learning modules.

  2. Real-time feedback and active learning through Khenda’s example videos or your own process videos.

  3. Final assessments ensure that you are ready to apply your skills in the workplace.

Who Should Join? 

The AI for Lean Process Innovation (ALPI) certification program is designed for engineers, process improvement specialists, and operational leaders eager to harness AI-driven tools to enhance manufacturing efficiency and operational excellence.

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