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Partner with Khenda: 
Elevate Your Digital Transformation Efforts 

Partner with Khenda to bring your clients into the digital age. Our AI platform enhances continuous improvement projects with efficiency, innovation, and growth for consulting and digital transformation firms. 


Why Become a Partner? 

Streamlined Operations

Implement Khenda to dramatically reduce project timelines and costs by up to 3.5 times, delivering faster, more effective results to your clients. 

Recurring Revenue

Benefit from our rewarding revenue-sharing model, which allows for recurring income from Khenda platform sales. 

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate your consultancy by providing a state-of-the-art, AI-driven solution, empowering your clients towards operational excellence.

Our Partners and Collaborations


The Partnership Process​ 

Our Expectations:

A proactive approach to client engagement and platform promotion, including introducing Khenda to your local clients and undertaking improvement projects with our solution.

Business Handshake

Here's a step-by-step guide on how it unfolds:

1. Application & Initial Meeting: Submit your application through our website. We will schedule a meeting to discuss the partnership potential. Following a successful agreement, you'll proceed to the next steps.

2. Training & Onboarding: Receive comprehensive training on Khenda’s platform to familiarize yourself thoroughly. We equip you with all necessary support materials to ensure you're ready to introduce and integrate Khenda into projects confidently.

3. Integration & Collaboration: Utilize your partner account to implement Khenda in your projects, showcasing its capabilities to clients. We work closely with you to guarantee seamless integration and to optimize client outcomes.

4. Ongoing Support & Revenue Sharing: Offer after-sales support to ensure client satisfaction and renewal. Benefit from recurring income through annual license renewals and new sales, all supported by our rewarding revenue-sharing model. This approach ensures a steady stream of income and mutual growth.

Who Should Join? 

Consulting Firms: Specializing in operational improvement, efficiency, and digital transformation. 

Digital Transformation Experts: Focused on leveraging technology to revolutionize business processes. 

Forward-Thinking Leaders: Looking to integrate innovative solutions into their offerings and drive substantial value for their clients. 

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