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Pay Monthly

Pay Annually (Discounted)

$0 /month

Free forever.​ For small teams who need to digitize time studies. 

Free Includes:

  • Digital Time Study
    (3 videos per month)

  • Lifetime free account

  • Max. 15GB cloud space

  • Max. 3 users/facility

$349 /month

For teams who wants to digitize, balance and standardize their production.

Basic Includes:

  • Unlimited usage for:

- Digital Time Study


- Work Instructions

- Line Balancing

  • 2 h training sessions

  • PDF download

  • Unlimited cloud space


Automated Cycle Time Measurement by AI

10 videos /month


Automated Cycle Time Measurement by AI

3 videos /month

Premium Includes:

  • All in Basic

  • AI-powered video analysis

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • PDF + CSV Download

Best Deal

Special package for you

Customized package for your needs with on-premise options

Enterprise Includes:

  • All in Premium

  • AI-powered Lean Assistant Module

  • Account Access Control

  • Real-time Analysis Options;
    - Chokote  
    - Production  monitoring
    - Sentinel

Compare Plans & Features

Unlimited Digital Time Study
3 videos
Lifetime Account
Unlimited Cloud Space
Work Instructions
Line Balancing - Digital Time Study
Training Sessions (Up to 2h)
PDF Download
CSV Download
Dedicated Account Manager
Measure Module
AI Analysis
3 videos /month
10 videos /month
Best Practice
Step Comparison
Statistical Tools
Line Balancing - Measure
AI-powered Lean Assistant Module

Digital VA/NVA analysis from videos.

Unlimited access to the platform

Endless storage capacity for data and files in the cloud.

Digital MTM analysis for MTM UAS. AI powered MTM Code suggestions integration with Work Instuctions.

Standard Operation Procedures, data gathering from time study tools. QR Printing.

Editable Line Balance Chart for current/Future state analysis data gathering from VA analysis tools. Provides: Operator Need and efficiency related datas.

The customer receives up to 2 hours of training sessions post-purchase for platform guidance.

A Dedicated Account Manager is a professional tasked with offering tailored service and managing the specific needs of a customer.

AI-powered video analysis tools.

Automatic work-step and cycle time measurement from uploaded videos.

The ''Best Practice'' module enables users to select and create best practice cycle metrics using a streamlined process.

It allows manufacturing team to effectively identify and analyze differences and non-standard situations between different operation cycles.

Includes statistical graphs like "Histogram", "Box Plot". Anomalies can be seen easily.

Line Balance Chart for current/Future state analysis data gathering from AI-powered analysis tools. Provides: Operator Need and efficiency related datas.

Automatic lean tables (FMEA, Control Plan, Waste Anlaysis etc.) generation from Work Instruction information.

Depending on your account's associated billing zip code or country, sales tax may be applicable to your Khenda subscription and professional services. Should sales taxes apply in your jurisdiction, they will be itemized on your billing invoices and receipts for transparency.

Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Khenda

Discover how our AI-powered platform can transform your operations for peak performance.

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