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Khenda Measure

Automate cycle time
measurements with
AI-based video analytics.

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Manual Measurements Result in Inaccurate Data and
Time-Consuming Processes

Manual cycle time measurements in the manufacturing industry are often inaccurate, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Engineers spend a significant amount of time gathering data, which can lead to delays in identifying inefficiencies and implementing improvements


Measure 1000s of Cycle Times

Khenda's Measure software module leverages AI-driven video analytics to automate cycle time measurements, providing accurate data and actionable insights. By streamlining the measurement process, Khenda Measure helps engineers identify inefficiencies and implement improvements more effectively.

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Free up valuable engineering resources by automating the time-consuming task of cycle time measurements.

Accurate Measurements
Easy Root-Cause Analysis
Enhanced Analytics
Operational Excellence

Replace manual measurements with AI-driven precision, ensuring accurate and reliable data.

Detect the problems according to processes  in a fast and easy way with highlighted results.

Instantly access cycle time data and visualizations to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

Implement targeted improvements to enhance productivity, reduce waste, and optimize your production.

Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Khenda

Discover how our AI-powered platform can transform your operations for peak performance.

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