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Achieve Optimal Workflows with Khenda Line-Balancing


Optimize workload of production line for maximized efficiency and profitability

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Balancing workloads across workstations is essential to prevent overburdened or idle stations, reducing overall productivity. Manual allocation of tasks can be time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to inefficiencies and suboptimal resource utilization.


AI-Driven Suggestions
for Line-Balancing Activities

Khenda Line-Balancing leverages AI-powered algorithms and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to optimize workload distribution. By simulating different scenarios and automatically generating AI-driven suggestions, you can achieve the optimal allocation of tasks and ensure smooth operations. With our software module, you can digitally design and optimize production lines, leveraging existing data and avoiding costly physical modifications.

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Optimal Workload Distribution

Ensure balanced workloads across workstations, maximizing efficiency and reducing idle time.

Drag-and-Drop Interface
Virtual Production Line Design
Automated Yamazumi Charts

Easily experiment with different task allocation scenarios using our intuitive interface.

Design and optimize new production lines by leveraging existing data, reducing costs and time associated with physical modifications.

Generate AI-driven suggestions to optimize workload distribution and achieve greater productivity.

Automatically generate Yamazumi charts to visualize work distribution and identify opportunities for improvement.

Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Khenda

Discover how our AI-powered platform can transform your operations for peak performance.

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