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Misplaced Parts Automotive

Prevent costly human errors and enhance product quality with real-time video analytics

Manufacturing errors, such as misplaced parts, can severely compromise product quality and lead to significant financial losses from rework, scrap, and warranty claims. These errors not only disrupt production but also result in costly penalties from OEMs, impacting overall efficiency. 


Prevent Errors,
Enhance Quality!

Real-Time Detection & Warning


Our solution checks that each predefined movement in the processes is done correctly by the operator. If the operator performs an incomplete or incorrect operation, it stops production and warns the operator, ensuring immediate correction and reducing the risk of costly errors.

Quality Enhancement

Cost Optimization

Process Standardization

How it works?

 Integrate with any IP camera, PC, and industrial I/O module without coding knowledge.
Continuously check predefined movements in the production process for accuracy.
Automatically stop production and alert the operator to correct detected errors.
Easy Installation
Real-Time Monitoring
Instant Alerts

Best Suited For

Automotive Industry: Ideal for manufacturers needing precise part placement to avoid costly mix-ups.

Metal Part Producers: Perfect for ensuring correct placement of left and right parts, reducing errors.

OEM Suppliers: Essential for suppliers aiming to minimize rework, scrap, and warranty claims.

Elevate Your Manufacturing Efficiency with Khenda

Reach out to our product specialists to tailor the project to your specific requirements and receive a tailored proposal

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