Deep Dive into
Khenda Leading-Edge Solutions



Khenda Assist helps the operator to run the process correctly, preventing possible errors at the production station.

Prevents quality errors by instantly preventing the wrong movement of the operator. Checks that each predefined movement in the process is done correctly by the operator. If the operator performs an incomplete or incorrect operation, it stops production and warns the operator.




Khenda Analyze automatically records the video of every unit's production with cycle time and unit ID data.


Brings high visibility to the production and offers real-time awareness. Engineers can easily analyze root causes, bottlenecks value-adding/non-value-adding operations of the production.



Khenda Sentinel constantly monitors the camera streams in industrial dangerous areas. If it detects any human in a dangerous area, it creates a digital output in real-time that can be used in many desired scenarios.


Checks if the operator uses personal protective equipment like; a helmet, safety vest, gloves and etc.

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