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Khenda Analyze

Khenda Analyze increases productivity by digitizing manual process analysis with AI-based video analytics. It automatically extracts cycle time from recorded videos of processes and enables you to achieve operational excellence through various advanced engineering tools.

What do you achive with Khenda Analyze?

Example for automatic cycle time gathering

Khenda Portable  Eng.jpg

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Khenda Assist helps the operator to run the process correctly, preventing possible errors at the production station. Prevents quality errors by instantly detecting the wrong movement of the operator. If the operator performs an incomplete or incorrect process, it stops production and warns the operator.



Khenda Sentinel constantly monitors the camera streams in industrial dangerous areas. If it detects any human in a hazardous area, it creates a digital output in real time that stops production and warns the operator. It is able to work in areas with motions like robotics or machinery, without any false alarms.

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