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Leveraging Video Analytics for the Manufacturing Industry

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

video analytics for manufacturing

Global demand for produced goods continues to increase, which requires new conditions, challenges and safety and security concerns for workers. While operational requirements are changing, new technology is providing a totally different way of monitoring and controlling safety measures and optimizing process flow within the manufacturing operations by smart cameras.

Since 1942 video surveillance has been around. The first recorded use of a CCTV camera was to view the launch of V2 rockets in Germany. Since then, the installation of video surveillance cameras to monitor many activities has become a common method across the world.

Video content analysis or now commonly referred to as video analytics emerged as a solution to help operators in the industry. Industrial video analytics is revolutionizing in many organizations, especially the manufacturing industry that is part of this significant change.

Let's look at some of the use cases of video analytics in manufacturing:

Use Cases of Video Analytics in the Manufacturing Industry

Video analytics determines if any suspicious or unwanted behavior is occurring in the field of view of the smart camera and the AI algorithm warns the operator. There are several video analytics solutions in manufacturing such as safety measure detection, quality control, efficiency analysis and many more…

Safety measure detection

Worker safety is one of the major concerns in every manufacturing plant. Forklift areas, robotic cells, high voltage, and risky actions are some of the things that need to be monitored and kept under control. Companies need to assure that they manage their EHS risks effectively and they can implement video analytics solutions for manufacturing processes.

Our video analytics solution, Khenda Sentinel, also involves the detection of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as helmet detection, safety vest detection, glove detection and etc. If it detects any human in a dangerous area, it creates a digital output in real-time that can be used in many desired scenarios.

video analytics for manufacturing

Quality control

Video analytics technology can be applied for ensuring quality and sending an alert notification to the operator in case of any error at the production station. Technology automates the manual work tracking process and provides a reliable and safe operation by preventing human faults.

One of our video analytics solutions, Khenda Assist, helps the operator run the process correctly and prevents possible errors at the production station. It checks that each predefined movement in the process is done correctly by the operator. If the operator performs an incomplete or incorrect operation, it stops production and warns the operator.

Based on data analysis, a company in the automotive supplier industry saved an average of 90K$ per station in a year due to 80% prevention of quality problems in their manual processes.

Efficiency analysis

Video analytics can increase the efficiency of the operations, which in turn can help increase productivity by monitoring production lines continuously. Therefore, real-time data flow is provided for the production processes and companies can get instant insights about the factory floor.

The other video analytic solution, Khenda Analyze, automatically records the video of every unit's production with cycle time and unit ID data. It brings high visibility to production and offers real-time awareness. Thus, companies can easily analyze the root causes, bottlenecks, value-added/non-value-added processes of production.


Be it monitoring people, products, or machinery, artificial intelligence can do all of them; recording every production unit with cycle time, preventing errors and detecting safety and security concerns; video analytics is here to stay. Video analytics makes monitoring and analyzing smarter and more accurate.

Khenda helps in providing real-time video analytics to create a safer and more efficient and high quality production. If you haven't implemented any technology in your daily operations, this is the time. To see how video analytics solution is transforming the manufacturing industry, contact us today!

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