AI Powered Video Analytics for Manual Production Lines

Increase the efficiency and quality of your production
by analyzing assembly processes

Increase your efficiency with AI-based video analytics


Khenda is an AI-based video analysis platform that gathers data from manual productions.
It automatically gathers cycle time data of each process by analyzing streams of the cameras placed on the production lines. With this big data, process / method / industrial engineers can easily increase the efficiency and quality of production by making improvements in manual processes.


Easy root cause and bottleneck analysis with visualized big data

Khenda visualizes the cycle time data of each manual process through graphs.
It automatically detects anomalies, bottlenecks and line imbalances - and sends notifications.
It offers easy retrospective root cause analysis with video recordings.


Data acquisition of manuel activities

Gather cycle time data from each production, automatically


Detection of line imbalances

Get alerted when imbalances occurs in production lines


Process Analysis

Get notified when AI detects longer cycle time than usual


Digitize your production with AI-based video analysis


Easy root cause analysis

Detect any problem from videos by product ID based searching


Faster new staff training

Visual training opportunity with video recordings of experienced staff


Live production monitoring

Enjoy virtual Gemba walks, from any location

Data on a Touch Pad

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