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Accelerate Methods Time Measurement

Perform Methods Time Measurement (MTM) analysis faster and more efficiently with our AI-powered digital tools

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MTM analysis is essential for determining standard times and optimizing workflows. However, the manual nature of traditional MTM analysis methods often consumes significant time and requires expertise. Simplifying and accelerating the MTM analysis process is crucial for achieving faster and more accurate results.


Revolutionize MTM Analysis with
AI-Powered Speed and Precision

Khenda MTM leverages AI-powered algorithms and digital tools to swiftly and accurately perform Methods-Time Measurement analysis. By automating the analysis process and providing guidance, Khenda MTM enables you to achieve 10x faster results and make data-driven decisions for process optimization.

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Complete MTM analysis in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods, saving valuable engineering hours.

Collaborative Environment

Receive guidance and recommendations during the MTM analysis process, even with limited MTM expertise.

Leverage AI-powered algorithms to ensure accurate MTM codes extraction and eliminate errors.

Keep all your MTM analysis digitally in your account, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and ensuring easy access to historical data.

Foster collaboration among team members by allowing simultaneous access to MTM analysis data, facilitating better communication and alignment.

Unlock the Power of
Faster MTM Analysis

Ready to revolutionize your Methods-Time Measurement analysis with Khenda MTM? Contact our team today to request a personalized demo and explore how our software module can help you accelerate your time study processes, drive productivity improvements, and achieve operational excellence.

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