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Transforming the Continuous Improvement

Industry 4.0 technologies increased efficiency by gathering data from robots & machines. However, the majority of production consists of human activities. Since humans are not digital beings, extracting data on human activities has always been the biggest challenge. We are solving this problem by analyzing human activities with AI-based video analytics.

Khenda is a SaaS platform for manufacturing plants to increase their efficiency by digitizing continuous improvement activities. We bring high visibility to manufacturing lines and offer you safer, more efficient, and high-quality production.

Why Khenda?

  • Safety, productivity, and quality increase

  • Engineering time and cost reduction

  • Critical data for kaizen

  • Data acquisition of manual activities

  • Faster root cause analysis

  • Easy bottleneck detection

  • Return on investment in weeks

Our Investors


DCP is a leading Venture Capital fund manager with a focus on technology-intensive opportunities. DCP team started operations in 2007, making it one of the most experienced deep-tech VC fund managers in the market.


"Koç Group Companies First Private Venture Capital Investment Fund" is allocated to Koç Holding subsidiaries, business partnerships and affiliates within the scope of consolidation.


KWORKS Accelerator is allocated to Koç University and partners with leading global brands.

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